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3 Reasons Why Stone-Coated Steel is your Top Roofing Option

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A Stone Coated Steel Roofing in the Philippines is Not Unheard Of

Stone coated steel roofing Philippines… it’s not unheard of, per se; but it is pretty uncommon ‘round these parts.

So, naturally— we, BITC Roof TIles, decided to take the liberty of letting you in on this little roofing tiles secret…

(You’re quite welcome, by the way!)

As a distributor of roofing materials in the Philippines… we have to say, stone-coated steel roof tiles are pretty up there in our list of the ‘best of the best’.

Why pray to tell?

The answer is pretty simple, but in the world of roofing; these standard characteristics (when used right) actually go a long way in terms of your roof’s performance and lifespan.

Here are the top three reasons why you should consider stone coated steel roofing Philippines:

1. Low Maintenance

You heard that right! Stone coated roof tiles require little to no maintenance over a long time period, compared with other roofing materials.

Yes, maintenance is a preferred course of action for all roofs. But with a stone-coated steel one, you can probably skip one or two sessions with no problem-o!

Rest assured, they won’t crack, curl or fall off like other shingles you’re used to.

1. t’s Better than Roof Replacement

2. Durable

Admittedly, upfront costs of this type of roof is not exactly the cheapest. But if you consider how it performs in the long run— then it’s quite worth it. They have all the qualities you look for in a roof, and they can last up to 50 years (or more with proper care!)

3. Energy-efficient

Another bonus you don’t usually get to see in normal roofs: stone coated metal is great at blocking the heat. Plus, there’s a well-installed ventilation system that can reduce your electricity bills by a considerable lot.
Basically, no more crawling-out-of-your skin summers for us!

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If you want yours to be installed on an existing roof, or if you want us to build from scratch.

We have been in service for several years now, and you can rely on us for the quality of your roofing. We have been in service for several years now, and you can rely on us for the quality of your roofing.

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