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3 Reasons Why It Takes a Pro to Install a Full-Functioning Roof

BITC Roof Tiles

Let The Pro Roofers Like BITC Roof Tiles Do The Roofing Job For You!

Roofing is more complex than we actually think it is. They’re not just slapping on some roof tiles or shingles until they fit the span of your roof.

Fortunately for us, they’re not just that simple. There’s actually an art to it, and you can’t just do it without prior skill or proper knowledge. Roof installations have a standard technique and science to minimize damage, leaks, water pooling, and everything that you can think of.

And unfortunately for us, not every roof contractor you come across actually takes this into consideration. That’s why BITC Roof Tiles is here to personally inspect our clients’ individual needs, and show them the best option for their home.

Here are 3 reasons why you should trust a REAL professional in handling your roof:

1. Guaranteed Quality

From obtaining high-quality roofing materials to installing it flawlessly, a roofing professional like BITC Roof Tiles can help you get the best of the best in ALL aspects. No lowballing, no switching to cheaper tools and materials for profit, and the best of all… you get a functional roof with reliable performance in facing your day-to-day weather.

2. Cheaper in the Long Run

Imagine having to call for repairs every two seconds, just because your roof was not planned out by the professionals. And that’s what we say is a waste of money.

Sure— not hiring a professional may be cheaper upfront… but be warned that it may cost you your peace of mind.

3. Pros Know the Technicalities

Not every roofing plan is applicable to every client. A pro considers your location, situation, and foundational structure LONG before we hammer on your roof. Since they know the ins and outs, we can recommend the best roof plan that fits you and your home.

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