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3 Reasons to Pick a Thatch Roof For Your Vacation Home

pvc thatch roof philippines

The Importance of Choosing PVC Thatch Roof for Your Vacation Home in the Philippines

Are you looking for a unique roof option for your vacation home? Well, why don’t we consider a beautiful PVC thatch roof Philippines?

Thatch roofs have a bad reputation in the modern world, but we shouldn’t easily dismiss them either! Thatch roof is definitely a viable roofing material with today’s manufacturing technology. Enjoy a rustic, island feel, with a reliable and durable roof!

We’re also distributors of thatch roof materials, but BITC Roof Tiles also offers thatch roof installation and roof replacement for clients old and new. If you’re curious about the benefits of thatch roof for your home (or even vacation home!);

Read on to know more about why we recommend it!

Tired of the modern and elegant trend in home improvement? Try a PVC thatch roof Philippines to spice up your home’s appearance! In this day and age, we’re slowly going back to basics. The rustic and honest-to-goodness appearance is gaining more and more attention, starting with home decor to home development. A thatch roof is definitely an investment to look out for.

While many people would probably disagree, thatch roofs are enduring and made to last. With today’s manufacturing process and technology, thatch material is made even stronger and more reliable. They can last you up to 65 years with regular upkeep, and they can— contrary to popular belief— very much weather a storm.

Keeping a sustainable life is a big thing nowadays, and we totally agree. Some roofing materials aren’t so eco-friendly, and sometimes the materials themselves or the processes don’t make them sustainable or recyclable. After use, they just end up contributing to global waste. PVC thatch roof Philippines is definitely resourced and processed naturally.

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