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3 Insider Tips For Maintaining Tile Roofs

Roof Tiles Philippines

The Best Roof Tiles Philippines Insider Tips

One of the proud owners of tiled roofs? Do we have a treat for you! We’ve gathered some expert tips from legit roof contractors on how to maintain your roof tiles in the Philippines

Roof tiles are great for tropical climates! They’re durable, sustainable, and energy-efficient. Tiled roofs perform the best if treated right. And if not, we can’t exactly promise the full extent of these benefits. That’s why regular upkeep is essential for maximum function— all year-round. So gather ‘round homeowners! We’ll share these roofing tips straight from the professionals to our dear readers.

Here are the three insider tips in maintaining tile roofs:

1. Annual Cleaning

Nope, you can’t get past this one. A complete cleanse at least once a year is recommended for all roofing materials, not just tile roofs. So, don’t skip this maintenance, and don’t forget to book your appointment with the roofing companyevery year or when you think your roof is getting dirty.

Roof Tiles Philippines annual cleaning

2. Removal of Debris

Colonies of algae and mold, streaking tar, staining, fallen leaves, broken branches— you get the picture. Not only do they lessen curb appeal, but they also trap moisture that can weaken the structure of your roof. You can remove algae and other waste by pressure washing. Just take care in operating. If your problem is fallen leaves and twigs, tree trimming is recommended so that the foliage doesn’t hang over the roof tile installation.

3. Swift Reparations

Although quite durable, a tile roof can crack or break when subjected to extreme pressure and a harsh tropical condition. It can also be an effect of more serious underlying issues. Repair minor splits while you can, so it doesn’t grow into a bigger problem. For non-repairable tiles, roof tile replacement is necessary to make the most out of the roof tiles.

Roof Repair Philippines

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