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2 Things to Think About Before Deciding on Clay Roof Tiles

2 Things to Think About Before Deciding on Clay Roof Tiles

Clay Roof Tiles: 2 Essential Considerations Before Making Your Decision

Here at BITC Roof Tiles, we definitely love clay roof tiles. They’re durable and long-lasting, and we import our Tejas Cobert clay roof tiles all the way from Spain too! Our clients adore them, and so do we.

But while they have a lot of advantages compared to other roofing materials Philippines— they have their own hitches, as all materials do. They have their drawbacks, but it doesn’t make them any less of a good choice, right?

At the end of the day, it honestly all boils down to personal preference. But of course, you do need to be aware of them before you choose them to be your forever roof tile!

Here are two things you should think about before proceeding to buy clay roof tiles for your home:

1. Structural Integrity

There’s something you should consider with clay roof tiles: they’re heavy. Like really, really heavy. More so than other roofing materials in the market. And if your foundation can’t take it, it may weaken. Check with your roof contractor if your structure can bear the weight of your clay roof tiles.

2. Careful Handling

It’s not that clay roof tiles are fragile, but they do require a bit more care than usual when handling. Since they’re quite heavy, they can be a bit of a pain to install, but that shouldn’t be a problem for professional roofers. They just need a little extra supervision.

3. Budget

They’re a bit more expensive than their counterparts, as you probably already know, but they’re well worth the extra budget. But it is something that you should consider seriously, especially if there are alternatives.

After much deliberation: If you still want to divide on imported, quality clay roof tiles in the Philippines, call BITC Roof Tiles, the leading roof company in the Philippines.

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