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2 Roofing Curb Appeal Styles You’ll Love this 2023

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Want An Eye-Catching Roofing Curb? Then, Get To Know The Best Roofing Contractor In The Philippines That Can Make Your Ideal Curb Come True!

Want a great roofing contractor in the Philippines to make all your roofing visions come true? Well, you’re in luck— because BITC Roof Tiles is here to make all your curb appeal dreams come true… one roof at a time.

We’re sure you’ve seen some houses that caught your attention. Whether they’re sleek, bold, or perfectly traditional, there’s a pretty good reason why they caught your eye. And spoiler alert: it has a lot to do with their roofing.

Your roofs can set the tone for the overall look of your house, whether they’re the centerpiece or just harmoniously blending in with the rest of the exterior. They’re really important!

There are still a lot of relevant styles you can choose from in the last decade. But if you want something new and fun this 2023 (that’s still future-proof, of course!).

Here are some of the great curb appeal themes we’ve seen this year:

1. Neat and Refined

Angled accents, sharp edges. Minimalist and modern, the mix and match of black, white, and wood appeal are best paired with metal roofs that are just a touch more muted compared to the exterior. Metal roof tiles are also great for the unpredictable Philippine weather, and they can last you a very long time!

2. Striking and Fun

Number 2, meanwhile, is the complete opposite. Bold colors! You might be a bit apprehensive about choosing a striking shade for your lifetime roof, but you may have seen a surge in this color choice in recent years. Bland colors for your roof shingles are not at all a bad choice… but if you’ve been wanting to try something different for your home, now is the time!

A lot of roofing tiles have expanded color variety, and it’s double the fun picking out what you like best!

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