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2 Reasons Why We Take Roof Ventilation Seriously at BITC Roof Tiles

2 Reasons Why We Take Roof Ventilation Seriously at BITC Roof Tiles

"Committed to Excellence: BITC Roof Tiles Takes All Roofing Projects Seriously!"

We all know a thing or two about ventilation… but you can expect BITC Roof Tiles roof contractors to be an expert in roof ventilation in different settings in the Philippines. Whew, talk about repetitive, right? Well, we’re confident about our professional skills and what we can offer to you.

And today, we’re gonna talk about roof ventilation. Usually an un-broached roofing topic here in the Philippines; but we’re just gonna dive right in, right now.

There are different kinds of roof ventilation. There’s natural roof ventilation, where roof contractors utilize natural air circulation to maximize the ventilation build. Or the mechanical one, which requires a bit more effort from both parties and the appropriate tools.

Question: Why are these talks about ventilation important? Well, great question… and we have an even better answer. There are a lot of benefits to focusing on roof ventilation sooner into your roof installation-slash-roof repair-slash-roof replacement.

Let BITC Roof Tiles give you the low down:

1. It’s cheaper in the long run.

You might think ventilation may cause you more money than it’s worth. And if you’re deciding on a mechanical ventilator, then that may give you a reason to second-guess.

But proper roof ventilation actually makes your energy costs CRASH. Good ventilation can circulate air into your home, making the tropical weather cooler and more comfortable. That means no copious amounts of AC with five electric fans running.

2. Ventilation can significantly lengthen the roof's life span.

Proper air circulation can actually help in avoiding damage caused by poor ventilation. Case in point, extreme heat temperatures that can cause roof tile cracks. Moisture absorption, heat build-up… yadda-yadda. Ya get it.

To avoid all of these issues, hire a trusted roofing contractor that’s ACTUALLY knowledgeable in creating a specialized roof ventilation system for your property.

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