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European Roof Tiles? Clay for Slay

European clay roof tiles - Clay for Slay

Why Do European Clay Roof Tiles Are A "Slay" For Most Of Millennial Homeowners?

Now, I wasn’t joking when I used the word “slay,” as European clay roof tiles are definitely worth the investment! Style and architecture in one? This is your opportunity, so grab your cups and prepare to learn everything you need to know if you’re interested in installing one!

A True Member Of The Fire Nation

The intricate process of making these roof tiles begins with gathering natural clay from European countries and molding it into various shapes before the kiln flames harden it in place. Surprise! There’s a greater advantage: the simple act of heating them makes them resistant to different weather conditions and factors such as rain and UV radiation. See? When the Fire Nation attacked, these tiles only grew stronger and more durable.

What’s the Slay in Clay?

You might be wondering, “Of course, they’re durable, strong, and resistant! What more?” You can mold these clay roof shingles to suit your customizations and preferences. Plus, color-wise? Architectural design-wise? You’re in it. Their classic, traditional, and elegant appeal will enhance your house!

Uh-huh, more? Here's more, just for you:

  • They are sustainable, yes! Aside from being composed of natural clay, European clay roof tiles are also recyclable, energy efficient, and low maintenance!
  • It is long-lasting—more than 24/7, more than a decade, but more or less than 100 years!
  • What works best for insulation—do you want a place that’s warmer at a cold temperature, and vice versa? I believe this is a sign.
  • These roof tiles are also very durable! And in addition to its aesthetics and neat, pleasant appearance, if you plan to sell a house, potential buyers will definitely put this property on their list.

Ring the bell, Tinker Bell!

Apart from the spelling of Tinker Bell, what else do some people often make mistakes about? That clay roofing is immortal. Nope, unfortunately, we haven’t reached that age of human genius yet; however, BITC Roof Tiles is always here to help you with your roofing plans!

So, keep this in mind if you notice any of these common signs on your clay roofing:

  • Cracking, chipping, and curling roof tiles
  • Energy bills are rising (due to poor insulation and ventilation).
  • Water leaks
  • Moss or algae presence
  • Efflorescence (due to moisture penetration)

Worry not, because BITC can aid you. For healthy roofing, trust BITC.

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