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pvc thatch roof philippines

3 Reasons to Pick a Thatch Roof For Your Vacation Home

Thatch roofs have a bad reputation in the modern world, but we shouldn’t easily dismiss them either! Thatch roof is definitely a viable roofing material with today’s manufacturing technology. Enjoy a rustic, island feel, with a reliable and durable roof!

clay roof tiles

Is It Worth It: Ceramic or Clay Roof Tiles?

Welcome to another blog of ‘Is It Worth It?”… where a bunch of roofers decide which is which in the industry. And today, we’re taking on the popular debate “Ceramic vs Clay Roof Tiles”.

Shinto Ceramic Roof Tiles

5 Benefits of Going with Shinto Ceramic Roof Tiles

Shinto ceramic roof tiles have origins way back in Old World Japan, and now we’re bringing classic artistry and cutting-edge technology to you. You can get your hands on quality imported Shinto roof tiles from us at BITC Roof Tiles, the top roofing contractors in Metro Manila!

Roof shingles

How to Clear Mold Off Your Roof Shingles

Roofs are (obviously) very high places, and it’s best that you are trained and have the necessary safety gear to go up on the roof. That’s why most homeowners (and us roofing companies as well!)

shinto roof tiles philippines

Is It Worth It?: Shinto Roof Tiles in the Philippines

Another day, another “Is it Worth It?” by BITC Roof Tiles! A little background: we’re basically going to judge whether a roof tile would be worth investing in, considering the Philippine context. And right now— we’ve got our sights set on Shinto roof tiles Philippines!

stone coated steel roofing philippines

FAQs: Stone-Coated Steel Roofing in the Philippines

Stone-coated steel roofing Philippines haa been steadily growing as a popular roofing choice over the years. And honestly— we love it here at BITC Roof Tiles as well! Stone-coated steel is definitely a great choice for owners who value longevity and reliability when it comes to their roofing.