Artificial Synthetic Palm Thatch Panel made of class A fire retardant PVC material. These are flexible and can bend for round style roofs. Natural thatch is beautiful, affordable and authentic. However, synthetic thatch roofing is a great alternative, particularly for those who are willing to pay a slightly higher price for material that will last several years longer. Synthetic thatch has a proven lifespan of up to 20 years, which means it lasts decades longer than natural thatch.



  • It’s non-flammable, fire retarded
  • Will not rot or mold
  • It’s impenetrable to insects or termites
  • It’s durable and washable
  • Easy Installation
  • Free maintenance
  • It can carry wind speed 56.1 m/s ~ 61.2 m/s, same as Gale Typhoon 17th grade (17th grade wind pressure)
  • Flexible bar(edging) to make curve shape of roof


  • Width – 60cm±0.5cm x palm elaves length approx. 40-45cm/piece
  • Quantity of coverage /sqm – 8 pieces
  • Packing – 28 pices/box
  • Net Weight – 26.0 kgs/box
  • Gross Weight – 27.4 kgs/box


The grounding consists of complete roof being covered by wooden plates(plywood) then a complete sheeting in waterproof PE foil to which the Palm Thatch is fixed to with staples or nails on the top bar. To cover the roof with the product by overlapping.


A new popular design of roof material can offer new structure and multi-function, and can replace the natural thatch. It’s for decorating roof of resort, hotel, cottage, or interior/ exterior home decoration.



Thatch brochure:
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