Shinto Ceramic Roof Tiles


Shinto is a mixture of a special clay with bone materials making the weight of the tile about 20 percent lighter. Shinto roofing tiles always retain tenseness not allowing of any laziness in search of modernizing system. They are finished in uniform and stable quality and color tone at low cost by the ten ultra-modern big tunnel kilns. Five million pieces or 330,000 sqm of roofing tiles with long history are produced every month by Shinto’s ten ultra-modern tunnel kilns.  However, even in the modern system, methodology of existing process control has been always searched for in preference for functional and classical beauty of roof tiles, peaceful atmosphere, and enduring and reliable quality. Shinto roofing tiles are the best roofing materials which people have had the pleasure in using domestically and internationally.




Is a standard design in contemporary architecture is essential for the modern Japanese. -True flat surface and a sharp design. Smart & amp; simple. -Support to photovoltaic roof tiles and respond to system construction. Ceram F series are lightweight tiles are now sought reduced weight as much as 20% than ever before, even though in terms of features but rather improved, with unique manufacturing method of tile texture and shine far better, so also has good draining capabilities, fast gradient in any free and sheltered strongly, Hardy structure creates a distinctive roof in a modern Western-style architecture.

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With its linear brave design, Ceram-F1 has excellent water drip feature that is unlike the ordinary flat roof tiles. It has been developed to perform better functions with weight reduction of 20%

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Ceram F2


With its attractive elegant surface design Ceram-F2 is suitable for the western style houses as well as for Japanese houses. Its appearance is changed delicately as time passes and the sunlight angle is changed. The construction work is easy and the construction period could be shorten.

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Ceram F3


With simple but traditional European profound beauty, Ceram-F3 is a luxury roof tile made of good quality clay with special aggregate. The rainproof feature is excellent with adoption of double interlocking structure (patented).

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Ceram FS


With corrugated surfaces in spite of the main body being flat roof tile Ceram-FS highlights its vertical lines when placed on the gable roof and gives a straight and stately impression. Its appearance shows owners individuality but could be in harmony with other houses and stores in the streets.

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These are traditional Japanese roofing tiles in which Japaneses history and culture are preserved. The lightness when they are finished roofing, the graceful, geometric and various lines will highlight your house all the more. Moreover, your choice from a wide selection of colors from classical ones to new ones will extract beauty also from the surroundings.

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Ceram 21 is a new product of light weight and good strength, which has been developed to perform better functions economically. With special glazing method Ceram 21 has matchless beauty in color.

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WATERPROOF:   CERAM series has been proven to be excellent in quality in every rainy Japan. The ceramic roof tiles are useful in rainy district because of their strictly limited water suction and permeability.

HEAT INSULATION:  Its is important to protect the house from heat penetrating in with the direct rays of the sun in summer and from heat running out of the rooms through the roof in winter. The ceramic roof tiles have good heat insulation characteristics.

FIRE RESISTANCE:  Roofing materials must be fire resistant particularly to prevent the house from the fire caused by flying sparks. The ceramic roof tiles meet the requirements of the government regulations for the fire prevention.

NOISE INSULATION:  The heavier the roof tile is the more the noise insulation is. The ceramic roof tiles are comparatively much in weight and stable in their position. They have good noise insulation and no one is distributed with the noise of the rain.

DURABILITY:  The ceramic roof tiles excel the others in durability. There are historic buildings with such roof tiles that have weathered more than one thousand years and are expected to remain in good conditions in the future.

LOW TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE:  Winter in cold countries is challenging. The frost damage might occur when the roofing materials would absorb much water. As the ceramic roof tiles have a very low water absorption, they are useful inc old districts.

LOAD RESISTANCE:  Roofing materials must have a strength enough to resist the load of persons, snow, wind, etc. When a person is on the roof, the concentrated load may be 80 to 100 kg in a small area. The ceramic roof tiles can resist to such load.

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