CLEO, an elegant and romantic Mediterranean-style stone coated steel roof with a classic taste.
It has the aesthetic grace of the highest quality tiles and the distinguishing merits of stone coated steel roof. In addition, it is made with two-tone colors instead of the ordinary mono tone color.
Its classic aesthetic appeal and its unique coloration displayed a perfect harmony with the environment that will draw admiration from all home owners.

  • Overall length: 1318 mm (51.89″)
  • Length of cover: 250mm (49.21″)
  • Width of cover: 365mm (14.37″)
  • Roof/Cover tile: 0.4563m2 (4.91 ft2)
  • Coverage: 2.2 Tiles m2
  • Weight/Unit: 3.0kg (6.61pd)

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Installation Details

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