Fang Xing Synthetic Resin Roofing


Shandong Fangxing Building Materials Co., Ltd was founded in 1987, located in Laizhou with headquarter in Qingdao China.

Fangxing products range from newly designed solar photovoltaic roof tile to patented Geloy™ roof tile.

Fangxing roof tiles are widely used on government buildings, factory warehouses, residential areas and villas.

By now Fangxing have 12 patented roofing tile products. The popular roof tiles such as Geloy ASA synthetic roof tile, a product under cooperation with General Electric USA. While the flat tile, Slate and Shingle, have been receiving favorable comments around the world! Fangxing always prioritize value to clients.


interlock slate


Fangxing synthetic slate is a perfect blend of old-world charm and new-world innovation.

Unlike traditional slate roof tile, Fangxing slate is made from quality stone grains after intensive heat and pressure. It makes full use of natural materials with a riven finish so as to give a truly authentic natural slate appearance.

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interlock shake


Fanxing Shake is model from natural stone grain and resin under high temperature and pressure, with natural cedar appearance.

Fangxing synthetic cedar shake tile is an innovative roofing material, made of natural stone grains, with distinct pattern and texture on the surface. It looks like wood shake, but more heavy, solid and durable. Fangxing shake tile gives people senses of warm and beauty, a lifetime of strength and royalty.

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Fangxing uPVC sheet is a new option for roofing and wall cladding construction.

It is tough, durable in color and lightweight, better than metal and galvanized sheet. What’s more, it will never rust in heavy industry park.

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