Klinker K3

klinker-k3Flat clay roof tile suitable for high mountain climates
Flat format and contemporary finishes. Clay roof tile suitable for extreme weather conditions and high mountain climates. It is a roof tile manufactured with H-Cassette and fired over 1,000ÂșC, obtaining a product of maximum mechanical resistance, minimum permeability and water absorption <6%. Ideal for extreme weather condition areas.

  • Dimensions overall: 434 x 308 mm
  • Tiles /sqm: 10.5 pcs.
  • Weight per unit: 4.56 Kg
  • Normative: UNE-EN 1304
  • Cathegory of impermeability: 1 UNE-EN 539-1
  • Frost Resistance: 150 Cycles UNE-EN 539-2 Method E
  • Flexural strengh: >=900N UNE-EN 538
  • Fire resistance: Class A1 UNE-EN 13501-1

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